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WALLY. Shelving system.

WALLY is a shelving system created by suspending shelves and storage from a series of vertical floor-to-ceiling metal rods. The result of this game-like process is a memorable and quite sculptural artificial wall perfect for your interiors. Since this system allows for numerous fun combinations and interesting visual compositions, you can freely use your imagination and create your own design.

WALLY shelves can help you create enclosures of various shapes and sizes. This can be an ideal solution for a number of open spaces that need that extra something to spice them up. 

Metal structure colours:

Pure white – M1

Silk grey – M2

Sulfur yellow – M3

White aluminium – M4

Beige – M5

Luminous orange – M6

Pastel turquoise – M7

Graphite black – M8

Basic structure colours:

Oak – W1

Teak – W2

Walnut – W3

Maple – W4

Pure white – LQ 1

Silk grey – LQ 2

Sulfur yellow – LQ 3

White aluminium – LQ 4

Beige – LQ 5

Luminous orange – LQ 6

Pastel turquoise – LQ 7

Graphite black – LQ 8

Basic structure material: wood veneer / lacquered MDF

Floating cabinet – type A – S-7001-1

Dimensions: 120x30x20 cm

Weight:         28         kg

Floating cabinet – type B – S-7002-1

Dimensions: 120x30x40 cm

Weight: 35         kg

Shelve – S-7003-1

Dimensions: 120x30x4 cm

Weight: 10         kg

Metal rods

Height Weight Product ID

240 cm           4,2 kg S-7004-1 

280 cm 4,9 kg S-7004-2 

320 cm 5,6 kg S-7004-3 

360 cm 6,4 kg S-7004-4 

400 cm 7,1 kg S-7004-5 

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