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This understated and modern dining chair is a combination of an extremely comfortable and durable plywood shell seat on top of a number of different leg variations. The playful contrast between a seemingly “classic” plywood seat and an almost sculptural support underneath allows PLYPLAY to fit seamlessly into different spaces, be they residential or public, minimal or not.


PLYPLAY multipurpose chair is intended for both contract and residential projects due to the various options that can be achieved by combining the shells and the different leg constructions.

Its seat is made out of two plywood shells, each bent in the right direction. The elasticity of the lower shell provides extra comfort when the user leans backwards to enjoy.


Several versions of leg constructions give you the opportunity to find a solution for various functions. The seat pillow in different colours can be easily attached with a rubber band below the seat shell.

Metal structure colours:

Pure white – M1

Silk grey – M2

Sulfur yellow – M3

White aluminium – M4

Beige – M5

Luminous orange – M6

Pastel turquoise – M7

Graphite black – M8

Cushion colours:

Limestone – TA 1

Petrol – TA 2

Chalk – TA 3

Olive – TA 4

Berry – TA 5

Graphite – TA 6

Pacific – TA 7

Kiwi – TA 8

Rough – TD 1

Path – TD 2

Rail – TD 3

Roam – TD 4

Way – TD 5

Clue – TD 6

Shell material: oak veneer W1

Leg material: oak wood / metal

Chair with four metal legs – S-2001-1 

Dimensions: 45x50x80 cm

Weight: 10,6         kg

Chair with two slide metal legs – S-2001-2

Dimensions: 45x50x80 cm

Weight: 10,6         kg

Chair with wooden substructure – S-2001-3

Dimensions: 45x50x80 cm

Weight: 10,6         kg

Armchair with two slide metal legs– S-2001-4

Dimensions: 54x50x80 cm

Weight: 10,6         kg

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