Business Terms and Conditions

Business terms and conditions are in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (Official Gazette 41/2014), Chapter III. – Conclusion of contracts off business premises and distance contracts, from Article 57 to Article 79.

General terms and conditions


The Seller is EMUR Studio d.o.o., Trg kralja Tomislava 18, 10 000 Zagreb, operating under the trade name STUFF



Buyer is a visitor of the web shop that selects at least one product, places it in the basket and pays for it with a credit card, e-banking, wire transfer or a payment order.


Photos and descriptions 

Photos and descriptions of various products do not have to necessarily be identical. STUFF employees are doing their best to state product characteristics as accurately as possible. We reserve the right to any possible mistake in the description or photographs of the products. Prices, conditions and special deals are only valid at the time when the order is placed and/ paid for and they are subject to change without prior notice!



Manufacturer guarantees that the product, if used properly and in accordance with sent instructions, will work properly within the warranty period. The repair network of the manufacturer obliges to, upon your request (submitted within the valid warranty period at their own cost), repair all shortcomings and malfunctions in its own repair offices or affiliate repair shops if the damage occurred during normal use. Deadlines for returns are three days after the product is delivered and received by the buyer.  

If the product is not repaired within the period required by law, manufacturer obliges to replace the product with a new one (or give a full refund), as agreed upon with the Seller.

The warranty period starts on the day of purchase.



Given that STUFF web shop only sells non technical goods, the invoice is a document which entitles the buyer to its rights.


STUFF web shop, as a seller, is responsible for all material shortcomings of the product in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Obligations Act.  

Through the web shop, the buyer is able to purchase a part of the assortment of products listed on the official website of the seller.

All prices are with VAT. 

Currency is Croatian kuna (HRK). 

The seller obliges to maintain the web centre in accordance with good economic practices and in a manner of a good business owner and it is not responsible for the quality of the Internet connection used by the buyer to access the Seller's web shop. 

All listed regular and special prices are valid both for purchases made online and in the store.



Products are ordered through the cart and they are irrevocable. Products can only be ordered by registered users. In case the seller is not able to deliver the product because it is out of stock or can no longer be ordered from the manufacturer, the seller will inform the buyer in writing and the buyer can either cancel the order or accept a new delivery date. If the buyer decides to cancel the order, the seller will refund the money paid (increased by a set interest rate) as soon as possible, no later than 30 days from the date when late delivery occurred. If the buyer refuses to accept the correct and undamaged product ordered, the seller has the right to ask the buyer to pay all manipulative costs relating to the delivery.


General terms and conditions of delivery will be available soon.



General terms and conditions of payment will be available soon.


Payment safety 

General terms and conditions of payment safety will be available soon.



Product replacement / claims / returns


The buyer has the right to return the goods under the following circumstances: 

delivery of goods that were not ordered;

delivery of faulty or damaged goods (if the damages did not occur during transport);

other cases in accordance with legislative terms.


Replacement of product for which the claim was made 

The buyer can replace the claimed product within 7 (seven) days from the delivery date. Web shop Stuff is obliged to replace the product in question with the same one or with a product of the same price and quality range within 30 days from the day the claim was received or a full refund will be issued. The buyer is obliged to deliver the product in its original undamaged packaging with all required parts. Product with visible damages, products that the buyer attempted to repair or alter, products that were damaged due to improper use or handling, short circuit or products without original packaging will not be replaced.   


The seller will approve the return of goods to the buyer after a valid claim received only though the claims and returns web form. In case the seller cannot deliver any other product, they will reimburse the buyer up to the value of the product they can no longer deliver. In case of the return of goods that did not occur due to any fault of the seller, the buyer will cover all manipulative costs that occur during the return.


Legal disputes and settlements 

In case of a legal dispute between the seller and the buyer, a claim can be submitted to the Court of Honour at the Croatian Chamber of Economy, Court of Honour at the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts, mediation proposal can be sent to the Mediation Centre of the European Commission. The seller and the buyer will try to resolve any possible disputes amicably and with a joint agreement and if that fails, Court in Zagreb has the jurisdiction over the case.


EMUR Studio d.o.o.

Trg Kralja Tomislava 18

10 000 Zagreb


INFO TELEPHONE: +385915494126

OIB: 10922470021

MB: 02162946

Registered at the court registry of the Trade Court in Zagreb.

Capital stock of 20 000, 00 is paid in full. 

Transfer account: opened at Hypo Banka HR6525000091101241636


With each purchase, the buyer accepts business terms and conditions.

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