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Benches and Sun Loungers


STRINGA. Sun lounger.

You can spend your downtime by sitting comfortably or lying down – it’s completely your choice. In any case, STRINGA sun loungers will provide all the support you are looking for. In a matter of moments, they will make you feel like you are on vacation.


This string woven set is perfect for outdoors. Both simple and durable, it will keep you aired and your outdoor space visually attractive. A great choice for that terrace or poolside.

Metal structure colours:

Pure white – M1

Silk grey – M2

Sulfur yellow – M3

White aluminium – M4

Beige – M5

Luminous orange – M6

Pastel turquoise – M7

Graphite black – M8

Rope colours:

Beige – R1

Blue – R2

Black – R3

White – R4

Orange – R5

Structure material: metal

Surface materijal: rope

Sun lounger – S-6004-1

Dimensions: 170x70x75 cm

Weight: 18,6         kg

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