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SPAN. Bench.


Simplicity is often the most difficult design quality to achieve. SPAN has no redundant parts, no details you’d like to get rid of. The contrast between the warmth of wood and the coolness of metal is what this bench is all about.


Simple and minimal, this elegant and sturdy bench with clean lines feels both geometrical and inviting. It’s patiently waiting for that perfect spot in your perfect interior. 

Bench top colours:

Oak – W1

Teak – W2

Walnut – W3

Maple – W4

Pure white – LQ 1

Silk grey – LQ 2

Sulfur yellow – LQ 3

White aluminium – LQ 4

Beige – LQ 5

Luminous orange – LQ 6

Pastel turquoise – LQ 7

Graphite black – LQ 8

Metal structure colours:

Pure white – M1

Silk grey – M2

Sulfur yellow – M3

White aluminium – M4

Beige – M5

Luminous orange – M6

Pastel turquoise – M7

Graphite black – M8

Bench top material: wood veneer / lacquered MDF

Leg material: metal

Small bench – S-5002-1 

Dimensions: 125x40x45 cm

Weight: 18,2 kg

Large bench – S-5002-2

Dimensions: 160x40x45 cm

Weight: 24,2 kg

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