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STUFF is an experiment. A contemplation on comfort, convenience and luxury. Only the finest materials of premium quality. The most exquisite details. All the while keeping things simple. This is what the authors Marko Murtić and Simon Morasi Piperčić created with STUFF furniture. This diverse and playful collection of interior and exterior furnishings was designed with today’s hospitality and business spaces in mind. The collection’s visual versatility and functional adaptability are the ideal building blocks for the creation of new, contemporary spaces.



Marko Murtić, m. arch

E. marko.murtic@stuffurniture.com

Public relations:

Martina Radovčić

E. stuff@stuffurniture.com


Sandra Šuća

E. sandra@apostrof.hr


Tanja Jović

E. tanja@stuffurniture.com

M. +385 95 5954671

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